#2 - About that fun factor... (and big design changes)

Hey there!

Yesterday I have added a new map into the prototype of AZBH. The map was a tunnel, so it required me to move all 4 characters after each other and close to each other every single turn. Turns out... it's not fun. The turns just took too long for the amount of 'fun' they gave me, I felt bored. During the testing, I caught myself multiple times playing with one character and leaving the three others behind to speed up the game and suddenly it was fun again.


Now you play as one character instead of 4.

To balance the combat - you can now use more than one attack/skill in a single turn with your character, but they take movement points to use. For example - you can come close to an enemy, attack him, get away and heal yourself with a skill. Adds a little bit of tactics and planning that was removed with the other 3 characters.

I have also remade the UI a bit to fit the single-character gameplay:

The stat info on the new one can be turned off.

What I want to say in this devlog is - don't be afraid to say that your game is not fun while you test it. If it's not fun for you, it most likely won't be for anyone else. Think about why is it not fun and how can you fix that. Also, do not be afraid to make big design changes. I'm pretty sure most games that are out there turned out to be far different from the original concept.

Thank you for reading!


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