#4 - State of the game


Azurebreak Heroes is going through a hell of a journey (pun intended). From a turn based 4-man-squad tactical rpg to a roguelike to something I can't classify right now. The core values of the game are changing on the fly since nothing originally planned worked like I intended. I have no idea what AZBH will look like when finished. And you know what? It's exciting.

I like that the game is constantly evolving (it's really bad from a marketing perspective - you're telling people it's something and then it's something else huh), I want it to become as fun as possible and will explore many different paths to do so.

Right now AZBH is a kind of a character-based roguelike hack'n'slash with permanent world changes (think Diablo meets Risk of Rain and Rogue Legacy). There's 4 characters so far, 1 of them almost finished (just need a few more sounds), 3 of them are halfway done. I aim for 10 characters on the launch day with more to come as free updates.

some gameplay

Evolved Wrath taking out some enemies

The first playable alpha demo is coming next month. Stay tuned.


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