#3 - Modifying skills with artifacts.

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Azurebreak Heroes is going to have deep character customization combat-wise. One of the most important aspects of said customization are magical items called artifacts.

Artifacts change the way your attacks or skills work or add special effects to them. A character can have up to 8 artifacts equipped at the same time. Each of the artifacts apply the effects of other artifacts you have, allowing powerful combinations, for example: a Magic Bolt artifact will make you shoot a magical bullet with every one of your attacks, a Poison Gem will apply poison to any enemies you hit. A projectile shot by Magic Bolt will poison the target if you have the Poison Gem equipped. Pretty fun huh?

Take a look at artifacts in action. (double shot + poison + explosive attack + holy thunder + magical bullet)

And that's only 5 artifacts! There's still a room for 3 more.

A huge inspiration for this system was The Binding of Isaac. Gotta love how all the items combine with each other in that game.

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